Orbi Light Error?

Orbi Light Error

How to Fix Orbi Light Issue?

Orbi WiFi routers are known for their best performance and provide stable internet connections. These routers are capable enough to provide high-speed internet to all your wired and wireless devices. Orbi system has the feature of plug and plays which means you don’t have to download any specific hardware drivers to use these routers. Some of the features are; Multiple Inputs for Multi-User, plug-in satellite, etc. The Orbi router shows different colors for different purposes. There are several LEDs on the Orbi router to outbound the current information about the router. Now check what are the errors and how they could be identified from the color of the light. If you see Magenta color LED that means there is some error that you need to fix to make the Orbi router work properly. There are some other lights with Green color, Amber color, Blue, etc.

How to check the meaning of the LED lights on the Orbi router?

  1. Orbi Purple Light: If you see purple color and agents color light on your Orbi router that means the WAN port link is down.
  2. Orbi flashing white light: This light means that update is going on the router. For example; when you update the configuration or upgrade the firmware. Then you will see this light on the Orbi router.
  3. Orbi blinking pink: You could possibly see this light when Orbi Satellite can’t sink with the router. This means new data can not be synced with the device.
  4. Orbi flashing blue: if you see this light on your Orbi router then this means, your internet connection is blocked.
  5. Orbi flashing orange light: if you see the orange flashing light on your Orbi router then it means that is booting up. This same applies to Orbi Satellite.
  6. Orbi red light: Red light is always associated with the problem in the general world. Here on the Orbi router, it means that you need to default reset the Orbi satellite or router. If the red light is pulsing this means you have to check it as it is a signal of a problem.

Orbi White Light Solution

If you see the white light on your Orbi router then it means it is booting. But if you see it blinking the there might be an issue that needs your concern. The white light will blink only after resetting the Orbi Satellite or Orbi router to default factory settings. Still, I have shared all the possible reasons for the white light whether it is stable or blinking. Please check below:

  • Orbi Pulsing White Light Error: If the white light on your Orbi router or Orbi satellite is pulsing like a heartbeat then it means it is booting up or you need to SYNC button on the Orbi router.
  • Orbi Solid Light Error: This means resetting to the factory default settings after pushing up the reset button.
  • Orbi Pulsing white light on Orbi Satellite: This means your Orbi Satellite is booting up.

How to Fix Orbi White Light issue?

There are several troubleshooting methods that you could try one by one. Let’s check all the possible solutions to fix the Orbi white light issue in the following troubleshooting steps.

  1. Check and Update Latest Firmware

To check and update the Orbi firmware follow the below-given steps:

  1. Open the web browser on the connected device.
  2. In the address bar type orbilogin.com
  3. Then the login page will appear on your computer screen.
  4. Now enter the username and password. The default login credentials could be found on the label on the backside of the Orbi device.
  5. Now click on the menu tab.
  6. Then go to option settings> then router settings.
  7. The next step is to scroll down and check Orbi Firmware Update.
  8. Now you have to click on the firmware update and follow the instructions.

The second method to fix the Orbi white light issue is to synchronize the Orbite router with Orbi Satellite. Check the following steps on how to perform this troubleshooting method.

  1. The first step is to plug the satellite into an electrical power source.
  2. Now place the Orbi satellite near the Orbi router.
  3. Switch on the Orbi Satellite.
  4. Now the white light will fash around the Orbi ring.
  5. Then you have to press the sync button on your router and satellite.
  6. Make sure you press the buttons within 5 seconds.
  7. And then press the button on your Orbi Satellite.

How to Fix Orbi White Light issue

How to Fix Orbi Pink Light issue?

In Orbi Pink light error the Orbi router or Orbi Satellite first blink white light when searching for the internet connection. If it is unable to find the active internet connection then it starts blinking pink and failed to sync the Orbi router.

Now the second reason behind the Orbi pink light could be broken or damaged network cables. For this, you could quickly check the RJ45 Ethernet cable port connection and confirm it is properly connected. If still the issue is resolved then you must follow the below-given troubleshooting steps to fix this.

Troubleshooting steps to fix Orbi Pink Light Issue

  • The first and quick solution is to reboot the Orbi WiFi network and other connections.
  • Now if still not resolved then replace the RJ45 Ethernet cable.
  • Check all the physical connections of cables.
  • Check the configuration of the Orbi router and satellite properly.
  • Connect the alternative devices and check the lights.
  • If you are still facing the same issue then I recommend you update Orbi router firmware.

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